A bit of background.  At the last election held a bit over a year ago the clearly stated policy of the LNP was to hold a plebiscite on gay marriage.   It wasnt an issue that the ALP (Labour) had a policy on.  Nobody else objected.

A few months after the election, Labour decided to listen to the increasingly vocal Gay front.  It is my suspicion that the Gay front had done the numbers and discovered that most Australians would vote NO.  So they decided to support a parliamentary vote.  Citing as excuse that the plebiscite would be "divisive".

Most of us (the majority) couldn't care less about Gay marriage.  Some of the celebrants and supporting commercial enterprises were concerned that they might be fined or jailed if they refused to marry gay people for moral reasons.  But they are not the types to hold violent demonstrations.

Now there is talk of a postal vote.  I say "Yes Please".  I would love a postal vote.

Not because the Gay Front will fail.  But because, if the framers of the legislation follow present trends and make compliance by celebrants non compulsory,  I would vote for the measure.  My main objection was that we might have compelled people to act against deeply held beliefs.

So I say "Yes Please" because a postal vote will probably involve an online option.  And having an online vote means Democracy will be strengthened.

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