APRIL 2020


The Australian High Court has found Cardinal Pell "NOT GUILTY" of pedophilia by a 7 - 0 vote.

Coming after the Victorian Police-Lawyer scandal, you can just thank your lucky stars if you don't live in the "Woke Culture State".  Don't even drive there. A friend was booked for driving 2 KPH over the speed limit of 80 KPH.

And then. To top it off.  The day that Cardinal Pell was declared "Not Guilty" by a 7 - 0  vote of our High Court, woke Victorian state premier said to Victorians who have initiated damages actions against Pell.  "Don't worry. We believe you when you say you were abused".

You can bet there is more to come.  Those "victims" who have started civil claims against Pell have indicated their intent to continue their actions. In Victorian Courts.  The burden of proof will be only "balance of probability" not "Beyond Reasonable Doubt".  So odds of 100:1 that Victorian courts will award against him.  The claimants probably have no money to pay costs in the event they lose any case or appeal to the High Court.


The story so far....(9th April)


  • Guests 3080
  • Crew 1,200
  • Disembarked Sydney ~ 2.30 AM Thursday 19 March: 2,700
  • Ruby moved to Port Kembla shortly thereafter.  Scheduled to depart Australia after Easter.
  • Cruise ships deaths 22. Ruby deaths 15. Australian total deaths 51.

The NSW police have been put on the case.  One opinion is that their "facts" will not become public until after the investigation, expected to last 18 months.

The police have boarded the boat after obtaining warrants.

There is a suspicion that improper influence was used to permit disembarking at 2.30AM without any kind of health check.

Watch this space for further information.


The CoronaVirus story is only 4 months old, and not much is known about it.  Speculations include that it does not "cure".  That it is like AIDS or Malaria. After a period of activity (or not) it just goes into remission.  And then, some time in the future, it awakens and becomes virulent.  Or maybe that a vaccine is not possible.  And we do not know just what proportion of people are "asymptomatic".  On Diamond Princess about 50% were asymptomatic. Perhaps those asymptomatics revert to virulence?

Currently we in Australia are mostly in "lockdown". Like the USA, our PM does not control lockdown.  Our states premiers have the final say.  But if Covid-19 turns out to not be curable, and there is no vaccine,  Then whoever is not infected might prefer to remain uninfected.  And so for the uninfected, voluntary lockdown continues.

If those speculations are an approximation of actuality, we would like to know of anybody who has been infected.  First we would have to test everybody.  Frequently. Preferably with a one minute test.  Then we would have to know what PPE (Personal Protection Equipment) would protect from infection.

Then those who were uninfected would have the choice. Stay in lockdown in known "clean" spaces.  Travel with full PPE whenever they left known "clean" spaces, and go through a rigorous cleanup (soap shower, clean clothes) when they re-entered a clean space.  And only associate with other uninfected in clean spaces

Social changes would be necessary.  Work from home employment would be in demand.  Some employers might establish "clean" workspaces.  And hospitals for the infected would be needed.  Because of the unpredictable recurrence of the fever.

Fortunately we live in a rich society.  Perhaps we will establish a UBI (Universal Basic Income).  And free hospital care. And online voting for government.


Legend has it that a wise man called Nasrudin lived in the middle east.  I am reminded of this story by contemporary events.

Nasrudin was busily spreading the contents of a bucket containing a mixture of salt and cow manure around his home.  A friend walked up and asked him what he was doing.  He responded "I am spreading this mixture around my home".

"Why would you do that?" asked the friend.

"To keep the tigers away" responded Nasrudin.

"But there are no tigers for hundreds of miles!" exclaimed the friend.

"Yes" responded Nasrudin "It works pretty well, doesn't it?"

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