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1.) What does BDS stand for?
  1. Bondage, Discipline, Sex.
  2. You got it wrong.  Its BSD (Berkeley Software Development), which is one of the coolest UNIX operating systems.  (UBUNTU cooler.)
  3. Something else.  Maybe to do with Palestinians or something similar.
2.)  What is Malthusianism.
  1. Its the opposite of enthusiasm.  Mal = bad, thusianism from enthusiasm.
  2. It's a scientific theory that alarmists (now called greenies) believed in about a century ago.
  3. Its another sort of socialism.
3.)  Who is Julian Assange?
  1. The bloke who blew Hillary's chance at the presidency.
  2. A criminal hacker.
  3. Isn't he the bloke stuck in the London embassy in Ecuador or somewhere?
  4. A sex maniac.
4.)  How soon before Europe explodes?
  1. Never.  Brussels will use computers to spy on dissidents and use robot killer drones to eliminate them.
  2. Within about five years, which is how long it will take the southern states to realize that the Northern states are not going to forgive their debt.
  3. In about one year, because the Germans will have the sense to leave the Euro.
5.)  Who was the best British PM out of?
  1. Blair
  2. Thatcher
  3. Churchill.
6.)  Alternatively, who was the best US President out of?
  1. Bill,
  2. The Gipper,
  3. Carter
  4. Tricky
7.)  Alternatively, who was the best and who was the worst OZ PM?
  1. Juliar
  2. Kev
  3. Johnny
  4. Bob (RJL)
  5. Bob (Pigiron)
8.)  What is your politics?
  1. Liberal/Labour (Civil Libertarian)
  2. Conservative/Liberal (Economic Libertarian)
  3. Nolan Libertarian.

Somebody shot about 26 people, of which 20 were children in a Connecticut school.  Predictably, the Australian media has talking heads from the USA who advocate gun control.

The theory of Gun ownership advocates is that guns promote civil peace in society and most especially prevent mass murders such as this.  This is because any mass murderer
in most of the USA is very likely to find that some among his prospective victims are armed.

So why didn't it work?  Why have there been so many incidents recently?  And most of them in schools?  Or in places where guns are banned? (like the Batman movie theatre).  The USA has the second amendment everywhere, except didn't the Bush Presidency ban guns in most US schools back in the Gun Free Schools Zone Act. 1990?  That Act was disallowed so Clinton re-enacted it in 1995.  That means that anybody can walk into a school and start killing, confident in the knowledge that there will be nobody armed & able to resist.

Question:  Was there an increase in the count of mass shootings and victims after that law came into effect?
Answer.  Yes.  If we select the 15 worst incidents in the USA from 1965 to 1989 there were 4 incidents.(58 killed), while from 1990 to 2013 there were 11 incidents (164 killed)

Liberals are not stupid.  The problem is, the kind of mind that makes a liberal does not have the pattern of thinking that is required to comprehend the mind of a mass murderer.  Schools are intensive hothouses of emotions and information.  Suppose 15% of people have the mental "set" that makes a good soldier, surgeon or mass murderer.  If one of these 15% decide on violence then they will know the strategic issues of the situation, the location of buildings and people and cover.  Especially guns.  If there is one teacher in the school who has a gun, they will know this.  Their tactical problem becomes extreme if two teachers have guns.

Perhaps what the US needs to do is repeal the
Gun Free Schools Zone Act  That law that prevents adults (i.e. teachers) from carrying guns onto school campuses.  In that way, would-be activists might just decide that becoming a mass murderer is not going to succeed very well.

In the meantime, if you want to improve your survival chances, avoid places where guns are banned.



Here is the text:

Here is the full image as originally posted on Facebook. Keep in mind that THIS is now considered unacceptable speech across the "Facebook community," where any number of people can openly call for the murder of the NRA president and have absolutely no action taken against them: is also now reporting that Facebook is running an across-the-board PURGE of pro-gun accounts. A huge number of accounts are all being systematically disabled or suspended, with all content being wiped clean.

We have entered the era of the Ministry of Truth from George Orwell's 1984 novel. And while Facebook assaults the First Amendment in America, Senator Feinstein is busy assaulting the Second.

Facebook declares war on human history

What's especially alarming about all this is that Gandhi himself was of course a champion of resistance against tyranny. To banish quotes from Gandhi is much like banning quotes of freedom from Martin Luther King (who also openly supported concealed firearms, by the way, and who personally owned an entire "arsenal" of firearms).

What's next? Will Facebook ban quotes by Thomas Jefferson and George Washington? Any and all patriots, founding fathers and liberty lovers throughout history might soon be stricken from the Facebook servers, and any who dare to post historical quotes supporting liberty, the Bill of Rights, or the Second Amendment risk having their accounts terminated and all content deleted.

Collectivist propaganda has now reached a point where you can't even discuss liberty or anything out of history that supported the right to keep and bear arms. You are required to stay focused solely on celebrity gossip, sports stars, fashion distractions and tabloid garbage. Anyone who wishes to discuss actual American history must now go underground and speak softly in dimly-lit rooms, behind secret walls and drawn curtains.

The era of total oppression and collectivist mind control has fully arrived in America. This is not hyperbole... IT IS HERE NOW.

Memorize this quote, because it too shall soon be purged from the internet:

"The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants." - Thomas Jefferson.

Dare to post that on Facebook and you risk your account being disabled or deleted.

Learn more:

A few minutes research will show that guns are strongly controlled in India. (wikipedia)


Gun ownership in India is a privilege under the Arms Act of 1959.[74] The Arms Act of 1959 and the Arms Rules of 1962 were derived from the text of the Indian Arms Act of 1876 created by the British Rulers in view of the 1857 rebellion against the East India company.[75]

To obtain a license to own a firearm, a person has to prove that there exists "threat to life."[citation needed] Once a license is obtained, there are several restrictions on caliber (9mm, .303 British .45 ACP are prohibited along with several other calibers) and types of firearms (semiautomatic rifles, short barrel shotguns, and automatic weapons are not allowed for civilians).[citation needed] A license is limited to three firearms under section 3 of the Arms Act 1959.[75] Under the wake of terror the government is considering making the rules even more stringent.[citation needed] In response to increased governmental regulations, Indians on the online forum Indians for Guns organized to form the National Association for Gun Rights India (NAGRI) to protect and increase their ability to obtain and use firearms for self-defense against street crime and terrorism.[74]

When will the rest of the world learn?

If the Indians want to stop rape, they should let anybody who wants buy and carry a concealed gun.  Maybe then those rapists would think twice!


This set of predictions from Saturday's "The Australian" (29/12/2012).

Australian, 29 Dec 2012.

Given that set of predictions, (Red is fall off fiscal cliff, blue is do a deal) it would be in the long term interests of the US to have the US fall off the cliff, but (because of the short term problems with job losses) it would be best if the other political party got the blame.