JULY 2017


Ohmigod! Trump has cancelled the US part of the Obama Paris Climate Accord!

All the other nations (Including Australia) love the accord and want it to continue!

This means that the US is NOT going to contribute $billions to help the poor countries.

Regrettably Obama has already handed over $! billion.

And it also means that the rest of the world is not going to get a share of those $Billions.

Boo Hoo!!!

I guess we in Australia (i.e. Malcolm and Bill) will just have to step up to the plate and pay the share the US isn't paying.


Back in July I wrote that the 100MW battery would cost $550 million.

Mea Culpea. The cost of $550 million was apparently the amount set aside for renewable energy.  As of today (2nd December) the South Australian premier refuses to say how much the battery cost, apart from saying "much less than $200 million".

So lets imagine "much less" is ~$50 million.  In which case, just divide all my calculations below by 11, {See bold numbers in curly brackets}

And it only costs $550 million?  (That is $4,300,000 {~$400,000} per MWH stored)

Normal cost of a MWH (from Wind or Solar) is around $120. (Coal is cheaper).

Lithium Ion batteries have a half life (i.e. lose 50% of their charge capacity) after 1,000 discharges.  That means (If you throw them out when they lose half their power) that it costs $4,300 {$400} (divide by 1,000) to store each 1 MWH which was worth $120.  That means the amortised delivery cost is $4,420 {$520} per MWH to obtain electricity from a Lithium Ion battery.  (At your meter that works out to ~$4.40 {$0.52} per KWH, which is probably ~ 30 {~3 times} times what you are (or should) be currently paying.)

To power all SA homes for 24 hours at that rate Wetherill would need to outlay ~$100 billion.  {$10billion} Which is 10% {0.7%} of Australian GDP.  And the batteries would probably have to be replaced every 10 years (depending on usage).

I am so glad we in NSW do NOT have a Wetherill Government!

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