MAY 2018


The live exports of sheep, goats and cattle to Muslim countries are for the holy "Festival of Sacrifice" which happens at a variable date in August/September.  This barbaric festival celebrates Abraham's willingness to sacrifice his son (there is argument about which son).   God instead allowed him to sacrifice and eat a goat.  The sacrifice is live at the table and the sacrifice involves cutting the throat of the conscious sacrificial animal and allowing it to bleed to death in front of the participants

New Zealand declines to export live animals for slaughter overseas.  I would like to have our government follow their example.

And while we are at it, perhaps we could ban the killing of domestic food animals except on licensed premises.


The president has lied.  About a whore who cost $130k for one f**k.  She doesn't look worth more than about $80.  Oh gosh. The Donald must be impeached!

No mention of Clinton or Kennedy.  Men and women have been telling lies since Adam and Eve about their sexual activity.

Personally I am unsympathetic to those in the FBI who have pursued this matter. Their motivation appears to be more political than legal.  I am sympathetic to the man who was pilloried for probably the commonest lie between adults.  (Second commonest lie might well be "a claim to having sex with someone with whom one did not").


The US is, in my opinion, responsible for lifting the world out of the dark ages.  It was able to do this because it has a system of democratic government and a constitution with amendments that allows it's citizens to comment without fear on matters relevant to government.  This has allowed business and technology to advance at a pace which Kings and Kaisers prohibited.

Unfortunately for Julian Assange, he is not a US citizen.  If he can be brought before a US court, it is unlikely that he can plead first amendment defense.

I had hoped that Trump might have been able to pardon Assange after his election.  Regrettably the FBI investigation of Trump has put a hold on that.


An early version of the online edition of "The Weekend Australian" (5th May 2018) carried the report of a mother of twins who had after four years of freedom had been caught in Taree with the twin daughters she had kidnapped.

In that early version it was noted that she had kidnapped her children after a police investigation.

The mother had complained about an unsatisfactory police investigation, and a complaint lodged with the Crime and Misconduct Commission eventually resulted in a finding in March 2016 that the investigation had been 'inadequate' and 'unprofessional'.

As a result of the findings, one officer left the police force and others were retrained.

However, by the time the findings were released Mrs Watter and the children were missing.

Several inquiries have been underway since she and the twins disappeared in 2014.

Friends of the mother and children, who can't be named to protect their identity, have supported Mrs Watter since her disappearance.

National domestic violence helpline: 1800 737 732 or 1800RESPECT. In an emergency call triple-zero.

The online version of "The Australian" allows subscribers to make comments.  I wrote in the reader's comments of the online edition that it might be that "the woman may have kidnapped the children after the police improperly exonerated the father of an abuse complaint that she made."

I checked a few hours later and found that my comment had been redacted and the report changed.  The above quoted mention of police being disciplined and the child abuse officer details had been removed.

WTF?  Who is this father person who is able to suppress a report in "The Australian"?  In one of the reader's comments there was a note that the father had not got custody after the arrest, but that the mother's parents had been granted custody.