Okay so the latest news is that there have been massive hacks of database software.  An update for "Solar Winds" about last July 2020 allowed hackers to access the software and edit the database.  Apparently other data base software and security software was also hacked.

Just let's think about that.  So how do local governments and state governments store their voting records?  Presumably there is a list of voters by district with names & addresses and records of when & whether they voted.  Not how they voted.

That means that a hacker could access and get a list of voters who rarely or never

Hmm. How could he use that information?  I suppose if he felt strongly about who should be President he could send in postal votes.  Those voters rarely voted, so there is very little duplication.  In these Covid times, sensible voters would avoid crowds at voting booths.

So nobody was surprised that Democrat voters overwhelmingly voted postal for Biden.  Except Trump.

Trump complained, of course.  But he had no evidence.  And nobody was inclined to help him gather evidence, or (presumably) speculate how he could get evidence.

All he needed was a list of those people who cast postal votes.  Then he needed someone to contact those people, and have them confirm that they voted.

That information would be all the evidence he needed. 

If there was evidence of fraud then all postal votes should be declared invalid, and voters be offered the opportunity to vote again.


Subscribers to Murdoch's mainstream media "The Australian" can read the paper online, and comment on individual stories.  A bit like Twitter or Facebook.

I have been writing comments. And am being censored for any comments that support TRUMP'S assertion that the election results have been compromised.  Following is the evidence.

In response to an article on 29th December Pushback on Xi's vision for China spreads beyond US I commented:

It's becoming clearer. It was China that hacked the USA and the voting machines.

That is why Biden won.

On 30th December in response to an article "Donald Trump's backers look to last stand-in election protest" I commented:

I agree with Trump

The results were rigged. That "Hack" was actually a hack of vote counting machines.

Looks like Xi & Putin are the winners.

On 1st January 2021 I commented on an article headed "Senator to object to Biden victory":

What about the monumental hack of USA government computers, allegedly by the Russians or Chinese?

Did that hack extend to vote counting?

On 11th January here are two more "REJECTED" comments I made..

Story: Demagogue proves he was never fit to be president.

This was my comment... As I suggested, my comment was dead.

When looking at comments I select "most liked". 

The most liked comment was pro Biden, 149 likes.

The next dozen comments were all pro Trump, from 55 likes and down.

Looks like someone fiddling the numbers. So I guess this comment is dead.

Story: American Mythology dies on the Hill.

My comment..

When I look at election results, and the end game asymmetry, I have strong doubts that the results were not tampered.

Consider. In the last weeks after the results are out, shock! horror!  It has been uncovered that a major software company (Solar Winds) has been sending out hacked updates to its widely popular database program. Those hacks would have allowed the hackers access to read and perhaps modify those databases.

I know that if I were given that sort of access to voter records I would find ways to tilt outcomes.

Eg.   "Jack Smith? Never voted in 40 years. OK let's have him do a postal vote".

Or.   "Jane Doe? Died yesterday. Put in that she mailed in a vote the day before".

Or. "Let's just delete these 555 vote results that are all for Donald. Leave Joe's 223 votes in place".

Those hackers, if they did the above, must be freaking out since the hack was discovered.


All five were rejected.  Why?  We suspect that big tech and MSM are trying to eradicate Trump.  They censor or downplay any news that is anti-Biden (like about his son Hunter or China business).  And block any speculation that the recent hack of US government computers might have extended to state government polling computers.  After all, maybe they used the hacked cybersecurity firm FireEye and the hacked database management firm Solar Winds.

I have had many previous similar comments rejected.  Unfortunately, they are now being deleted fairly quickly so I cannot report them verbatim.

It looks like Murdoch is siding with Google FB, Twitter. Those guys do not want another four years of Trump because he has signaled his intention to break their monopolies.

Parking Meters in Sydney.

Sydney meter charges are as high as or higher than those in Greenwich Village, Manhattan.

An example.  Lady Macquaries Chair has parking meters.  $8 per hour from 8AM to 8PM. $5 per hour from 8PM to 8AM.

I recently drove out there on a sunny Sunday at about 2PM, intending to swim in the Boy Charleton pool.  On about 300 parking spaces North of the Eastern Distributor to Lady Macquarie's chair, there were 25 cars parked north of the "Eastern Distributor", mostly near the Museum, a few near the pool and the Botanic Gardens.  I have checked on other weekdays at about 9AM and the number of cars is normally about 60, grouped around the Museum, the pool and the Botanical gardens entrance.  There were about 2 cars in the 150 spaces at the northern half of the peninsula.

I wrote to Clover Moore, the Mayor of Sydney, complaining.  Her office responded that it wasn't SCC (Sydney City Council).  It's something called "The Royal Botanic Trust".  So it's a bureaucratic minion of Gladys the NSW Premier.  I wrote to Gladys and she referred me to Shelley Hancock, MP.

Please, somebody.  Get in there and reduce those parking fees.  Treat Lady Macquarie's chair like Centennial Park. We want people to visit the gardens, the pool and the Museum.  Visitors should be encouraged, not used for profit.

Of course there are about 40 of those 24 hour $8/$5 meters in Hospital Road, behind Sydney Hospital and Parliament.  Rarely is there even one space.  It's where I have to park when I go for cataracts etc.  Good job there Shelley! Captive users with no choice in these Covid times.

There are another 30 meters outside the museum.  Usually about 25 in use. I am guessing the Museum Staff and the Botanic Gardens staff have "special" parking rates.