This blog is written because I have an inner compulsion to write.

I have taken an online subscription to "The Australian" newspaper, and have found that the comments sections fulfill most of my journalising needs.  That is why blog frequency has diminished.

Now I am looking through past comments in the Oz, and republishing (with comments) the more "liked".


What the UK parliament is doing to the Brexit vote spells the Death of democracy.

Parliaments everywhere are enacting laws that restrict information, laws that restrict people's control of the legislation enacted, laws that enable the faceless elite to govern our lives.

We need a referendum law to take back control. A law that allows citizen's legislation to be proposed and voted on without a politician's interference.

Back in 2013 Barack and the "elite" were happy with Xi and his trade policies. Our multinational corporations were making lots of money (at the expense of USA & Australian workers, jobs & pay rates.) by importing & selling stuff from China. Never mind the trade imbalance caused by the undervalued Yuan (aka renminbi), caused by Chinese purchases of USA bonds.

Trump is a businessman and understood the costs (which ordinary politicians and public servants did not understand or care about) so he set about restoring the balance of trade. Which upset Xi, who'd had a clear run with Trump's predecessor.

Xi apparently thinks that he can last a year without submitting to Trump's demands.  That is, until either (1) Trump caves or (2) the USA gets another president. If results point to interference, Xi is succeeding in option 2.

Except Xi has a few problems back home with Hong Kong which have no simple solution. If he invades Hong Kong, then the USA trade issues become a painful issue. If he doesn't invade, ultimately something in HK/Taiwan will break.

I watch with interest.


There are separatist movements worldwide.  Some have succeeded. Some are still in progress.

Kurds from Turkey, Iraq, Iran, Syria.
Basque from Spain.
Israelis from Palestine.
UK from EU
Scotland from UK
South Sudan from Sudan.
Soviet states (lots, including Ukraine) from USSR
East Ukraine &
Crimea from Ukraine.
ISIS from Syria, Iraq.
Hong Kong and Taiwan and Uzbekistan and Tibet from China.
Kashmir from India and Pakistan.
Bangladesh from Pakistan.
East Timor & Papua from Indonesia.

In just about every instance the separatists desires for independence are resisted.  In many cases they were treated as second class citizens, discriminated against by unrepresentative voting systems, religious persecution etc.  Or even by killing democratic process as in the UK by the "remainers".  In extreme instances they are labelled as terrorists (Erdogan on Turkish Kurds).

What is even more concerning is the behavior of the UN with regard to Spain &
Turkey.  Turkey has 20% Kurdish population, 70% Turkish population.  The Kurds and Basque (in Spain) want to secede. The elite of our world do not like secessions.  Small countries empower the people. Conglomerates make us easier to control.

I would have thought that the UN would look at Turkey and Spain and reprimand their governments for breech of several articles (e.g. Article 19) of the UN "Rights Of Man".

I think the UN has become corrupted.  We should stop our contributions until the UN begins to live to it's principles.


Just happened to see quiz show on ABC. Tuesday 29th October at 4.45PM)

Question "Is Australia the 4th or 5th largest country by area in the world?"
And we are paying top dollar for those idiots!!

(The answer is we are 6th after Russia, Canada, USA, China Brazil)


Why?  Well both of them went after terrorist leaders and they died.

If I'd been doing it, I would have made sure the terrorist leader (and any potential witnesses) lived for questioning over the next few decades.  Could have taken their people down piecemeal.

I would have reported they were dead, so as not to alert any terrorists to the secrets they would reveal in questioning.

I suppose I could cut off a terrorist leader's finger or something for genetic ID proof purposesAnd then say that I threw the rest of him into the sea.

But those guys (Donald and Barak) are so dumb.  They wouldn't think of that.