APRIL 2018


There are mutterings in the USA about the concept of a "Deep State" which is supposedly a group within the public service that has it's own agenda.  After Comey I am a believer.

Comey's statement that he was "nauseated" that his inquiry into Clinton's emails might have affected the election displays a concern for the Democrat candidate that is partisan.  He has displayed no "nausea" that he has damaged US relations with Russia.

Perhaps I am a Russophile. I do not much like Putin's strutting style, but cannot fault Russia's acceptance of the Crimea back into Russia, although his interference in Syria is to be condemned (as is the US interference in Syria.)

PERSIA (aka Iran).

The Persian expansion into Syria is a signal that
Khameni and Soleimani are building the infrastructure for a war to terminate Israel.

Khameni and Soleimani think that their possession of Nuclear weapons and forward bases will stop Israel from counter attacks on Persia.  I think that they are mistaken.  Every month of delay sees advances in weapon technology that most of us do not even dream of.  Just think.  If the Persians are flying armoured drones over Israel, which the Israeli's spotted, then destroyed the base and supporting personnel...(You prognosticate what they might have from there).

My prediction? If the Persians launch an attack from Persia, then Persia will a few hours later be back in the stone age. It's largely intact population will require food and medicine imports from the rest of the world.
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