JULY 2020

CENSORSHIP @ "The Australian".

Subscribers to "The Australian" are permitted to comment on stories.  As would be expected, the editors read over those comments and remove bad language, slanderous material, stuff that might offend various minority groups etc.

So I was somewhat bemused that my comment on
"New warnings for Australians going to China" were rejected.  Also my comment on the Epstein case "Prince Andrew's team 'talked to US lobbyists' on Epstein case".

Here is a quote from what was written in the China piece:

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has already moved to provide paths to UK citizenship to up to three million Hong Kong British nationals who may flee.

Mr Morrison has confirmed he is looking at offering “similar opportunities” in Australia. “The Basic Law and safeguards that were put in place with the handover, we would expect to be upheld,” he said. “I think that’s a very reasonable and very consistent position for the government … there are proposals I asked to be brought forward weeks ago.”

And my rejected comment:


Giving citizenship won't work.  Chinese people value family. Above all else.

Those who are ordered back to China will return.   Those who are ordered to spy on Australia will do just that.

Even if their family back in China says "Don't return".

The Australian had deleted the story "Prince Andrew's team 'talked to US lobbyists' on Epstein case".  Most of the story was about Epstein's recently arrested mistress.  The story made mention of the allegation that Epstein took security footage from concealed cameras of the alleged actions of guests.  My rejected comment was:

If that security footage existed, if it's about what is speculated, if Epstein didn't suicide, then that security footage?  It's worth $billions.

So what are the issues?  Perhaps the Chinese comment would have attracted negative responses from Premier Xi's people?  And perhaps the Epstein comment might have been a favor to an interested (and wealthy) acquaintance?

Not that I am suggesting Rupert was responsible. But (kindest case) perhaps someone in the chain of command is "overenthusiastic" about issues?

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