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Last month I wrote about Media and Technology

"And the most effective fighter is media, where the strategy seems to be "Keep the pollies off balance".  Because politicians who are popular are not so desperate for favourable press reviews.  They can legislate without fear for the good of the people.  Think Menzies and Howard.  It took a sustained media attack combined with a union SuperPac spend of more million$ than the combined spend of both party machines to unseat Howard's brilliant "Work Choices" legislation.

 OTOH a pollie who needs media bytes is easily manipulated to enact favourable (say) copyright or patent legislation.  (Shades of the TPP!)

Tony Abbott was a leader of men.  He inspired trust with trust.  He appeared to be a straight shooter.

Recent polls around the world (e.g. UK) do not seem to accurately reflect public opinion. And Malcolm used polls as a reason to topple Abbott.  What do we not know?  Is polling corrupt?

Abbott was exactly the sort of person that the financial & Media elites would not want in power.  He would not be responsive to the pressures in which those people trade.

So Malcolm.  There is your warning.  The elitist forces have put you in power.  They will now work to weaken you.  Already attacking your plebiscite on Gay Marriage.  (Takes too long?  Gimme a break!).  Refugees are not a problem any more.


Volkswagen has been outed for a neat bit of software which got it's Diesel engines a low NOX
(Nitrogen-Oxygen gases) rating with the US EPA. (I was somewhat surprised to learn that the average modern car has more lines of software code than the average commercial jet.)

Any mechanical Engineer worth his pay knows that Diesel engines have a much higher compression ratio than petrol engines (~18:1 -v- ~9:1).  They would further know that as a result the Carnot Efficiency would be quite a bit higher. (Overall efficiency is typically ~40% -v- ~30%) and that the maximum operating temperature of a diesel is much higher.

The higher temperatures of the diesel engine would inevitably produce a greater average output of NOX.

Given these well known facts, it would be surprising if petrol engine car manufacturers would not have been aware for some time that the greater efficiency of Diesel cars probably came at the cost of heightened NOX pollution.

So it would not surprise me if the US EPA had been given a few surreptitious pointers about Volkswagen NOX pollution by one of the (Your guess is as good as mine) petrol engine car manufacturers.

All's fair in Love & Business!