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The old is departing. Make way for the new.

As Rupert (Murdoch) said (in word to the effect...), "The internet is the greatest destroyer of wealth in recent times".

First it was Bookshops. Retail. Now it is Taxis, Newspapers, TV,  Movie Theatres, Pharmaceuticals. All of those "protected by regulation" industries are fighting a losing battle.  The regulators can be relied upon to protect their client/employers.  But the war is lost.

And those industries are fighting back.  And the most effective fighter is media, where the strategy seems to be "Keep the pollies off balance".  Because politicians who are popular are not so desperate for favourable press reviews. 
They can legislate without fear for the good of the people.  Think Menzies and Howard.  It took a sustained media attack combined with a union SuperPac spend of more million$ than the combined spend of both party machines to unseat Howard's brilliant "Work Choices" legislation.

 OTOH a pollie who needs media bytes is easily manipulated to enact favourable (say) copyright or patent legislation.  (Shades of the TPP!)

We can see this happening in the US where Trump is under siege.  That kerfuffle is not about him being sexist (I do not believe that he was talking about period blood.  He had just been interviewed by a female (Kelly) who had ripped into him from a prepared ambush.  His comment was "Blood in her eyes or whatever" which immediately got interpreted by unfriendly media as a reference to a woman's period.

Against all media attacks and expectation, Trump now prevails.  In fact, Fox has done an about face and now backs Trump against Kelly.  Because they started losing audience when Trump refused to be interviewed for Fox.

And I think the media is losing the battle.  This is (paradoxically) signalled by the weakening of the party political system.  That signals the disillusionment of voters with our political system, as indicated by the growing movement to the election of independents.  (see the Australian Senate, and local government.  The attempt to merge councils is an attempt by the big parties to recapture local government.).  Because, obviously, big parties are more easily manipulated by media.

One thing our media barons fear is the news "aggregators" like Drudge & Google.  I am already giving up on the ABC news (early morning with the frumpy one), the Drum, "101" with the smarmy one and Q&A.  And last time I looked, all the newspapers were losing circulation.  As I move to those aggregators I begin to realize that the local (Australian) media was being corrupted by consistent bias away from those matters that are not beneficial to our "elite".  As an example, we are prevented from making democratic decisions (e.g. like a public plebiscite on redefining marriage). 

With computer technology where it is, it would be a simple and inexpensive matter for the government to establish online plebiscites on new legislation and regulations.  And do not raise the issue of security.  Our banking system is secure.  I am sure the same technology could ensure the security of your vote,

But that is not going to happen in a hurry.  But then, there is "ivote".  So maybe there is hope.


Sweden has a statute of limitations on various crimes.  Apparently the limit has been reached for the less serious crimes of which Julian was charged..  Only one charge (rape) still stands.  It is my understanding that the original complainants have withdrawn their complaints.  The original prosecutor did not see fit to pursue the matter.  Apparently a young, ambitious? female initiated the charges some time later.

Julian is in a difficult position.  In his position, I would not trust the US not to extradite me from Sweden.  Various persons in the US administration still averr that he is a criminal who has damaged vital US security.  No mention damage to their compromised democracy.

The whole matter does not reflect well on Sweden, who have in a very obvious way bowed to US pressure by restarting the matter after originally dismissing it.  And their refusal to interview Assange in the UK.  So much for the honour and independence and sense of justice of the Swedish socialist government.


From the "Tao Te Ching" at Pien 36

What is to be shrunk must first be stretched,
What is to be weakened must first be made strong,
What is to be overthrown must begin by being set up.
He who would be a taker must begin as a giver.

The crashed price of oil and the "sustainable" movement have combined to cause social and financial distress in those big oil producers who had most benefited from high oil prices.



If I were invited to speak on any matter to my peers where I had cause to believe that my opinion was respected, I would consider it an honour.  If the invitation was given in the name of a respected authority, say Nobel or Rhodes or Churchill or Menzies, I would consider the honour greater.  Garfield Barwick was a renowned High Court justice.

Justice Heydon could as easily have accepted an offer to talk at a Labour Party function on judicial matters.  Such an invitation is an honour to the person giving the talk to his peers.  Acceptance is not evidence of or proof of bias.  If anything, it is evidence of susceptibility to flattery.


In the past few weeks the clients of the website have had private information disclosed online.  The website was for married persons to meet "discreetly".

Shock and horror!

The internet has brought a lot of new things into our culture, and unless you plan to live in such a remote area that there are no phones or satellite communications, you might as well suck it and live with it.  Privacy is dead, the right to privacy is as dead as copyright, mass media,  global warming and national borders.  You just do not realize it yet.

Let us look ten years into the future.  Consider the following advances.

So basically, privacy is dead.  Combining the above it can be deduced that for free or fee, locations and social interactions of anyone in an advanced country since around 2,000 AD will become available.  And probably also in not so advanced countries.
However mankind should beware!  The possibility exists that software could be evolved to censor ideas on the internet & social media.

Do not rely on encryption.  Most of it is already corrupted, and easily readable by spy agencies.


The count of refugees worldwide is in the millions p/a.  In the wealthy countries the (mostly wealthy) bleeding hearts want to take them in and give them shelter, food and the other benefits of the social security system.  (No doubt putting downwards pressure on the cost of home help).  In Australia unemployment benefits amount to around $500 per fortnight per adult.  Children get another couple hundred.  Add in subsidized rent, free health, free education etc. and the cost of each new citizen can amount to around a hundred thousand dollars per annum.

The working stiffs who pay taxes to support these untrained immigrants are not quite so generous, and encourage Australian PM Abbott to discourage refugees, or at least only give them TPVs (Temporary Protection Visas) which would expire if conditions in their homeland improved.  Much the same seems to be happening in EU and USA.

It is fast getting to the point where an alternative must be found. 

One possible solution might be to establish "safe zones" under UN Auspices.  Perhaps in a third country, for instance Jordan probably has a few square miles of desert that it could lease/contribute.   Alternatively, perhaps some of the land from which the refugees came could be sequestered.  For instance, set up a mini state inside/alongside Syria.  Allow refugees in.  Test them in various ways to confirm their identity.  Provide food and tents.  Register citizens.  Allow the development of city entities like Hong Kong, Simgapore, Melilla or Historic Venice or Vatican.

Use electronic plebiscites to establish a degree of refugee citizen control.  Allow purchase of leasehold land and permit buildings & industry & farming & commerce.  Collect rent to contribute for the cost of providing food and security. 

Eventually a proto state might exist.  Perhaps it will rejoin the original Syria.  Other options exist